The Formula of יהוה

The Man, The Pentagram, the Little Kingdom, by building the Foundation of the Fourfold world, is trying to come to the position of Ubermensch, in Beauty and Equilibrium with the Universe, just to lose himself in the Abyss of Horornzon, to overcome the last Vail, and to enter in the Crown. All we need is, a Complete Man, who in his right hand will have the Severity to Nature’s Principles and Splendor of the Divine Reason, and in his left hand will hold up to the Mercy to the Men and Pure Love to the Holy Guardian Angel.

If we look at the Lesser ritual of the Pentagram in the light of our Geometry, the sum of the connected sephirot is 17, and the sum of the connected sephirot concerning the Ritual of the Hexagram is 22.

Number 17 is connected with the ancient symbol of Tibet, the Swastika and the path of the sun, with Isis in the Signs of L.V.X. and Formula of IAO. Number 22 is connected with the 22 mysterious letters with whom Iah, Lord of hosts did create the Heavens and Earth, with 2 and 11, duality and our lady Nuit, Beauty of the Universe. Sum of this numbers give us יהוה אהד(The Eternal is One) ,טל(Dew), and metathesis of יהוה.

The Formula of יהוה and Emanations

By the hermetic tradition, there are four worlds, attributed to the different sephirot on the Tree of Life. There is theory that every world has another tree, and every sephira has in itself other Tree. This four worlds are: the Holy Atzilut, the Holy Briah, The world of Formation and the world of Assiah. The first world is attributed to Fire, or Yod. The second world to Water, or first Heh. The Third to Air, or Vav, and the last, to Earth, or final Heh.

If you look at Liber V vel Reguli(2) and try to understand it’s beauty you will see the Tree of Life arranged very beautifully by the proportions of our Qabalah, where we are Suns and all around us is the Great NOX of our Lady of the Stars.

The Fire is corresponding to the second sephira on the Tree of Life, Chokmah (Wisdom or Sophia), who is really the First One. This sephira, by our own geometry that we build till now, is a Square, and the sum of the letters or the paths that make the name of this sephira is 73. The paths are : ח , מ,כ and ח.

By Sepher Yetzirah or The Book of Formation these paths are:

  • ה Constituting I.
  • מ Stable I.
  • כ I. of Conciliation
  • ח I. of the House of Influence

And by Liber 777 – Revised:

  • ה Aquarius; joins חכמה and תפארת;
  • מ Water; joins גבורה and הוד;
  • כ Jupiter; joins יסד and נעה;
  • ח Cancer; joins בינה and גבורה.

If all this emanations, which are connected to each other by these paths, exchange their Names by their geometric form that we get from the number of letters that contained in the Name of the sephira, and get the sum of all points of the figures, we get thus: 4+5+5+3+3+3+4+5=32=5.

Water, the First ה from the holy Tetragramaton is corresponding to the Third sephira, Binah(Understanding, Saturn). As before, the paths which make the name of this sephira are: ב , י, נ,ה . This sephira is square too, by my geometry, and the sum of the letters or paths is 66.

By Sefer Yetzirah these paths are:

  • ה Constituting I.
  • נ Imaginative I.
  • י I. of Will
  • ב I. of Transparency

By Liber 777-Revised :

  • ה Aquarius; joins חכמה and תפארת;
  • נ Scorpio; joins תפארת and נעה;
  • י Virgo; joins חסד and תפארת;
  • ב Mercury; joins כתר and בינה.

As before, if we substitute the names of the sephirot by their Geometric Image, and add the points of these images, we get this: 4+5+5+3+3+5+3+4=32=5.

The Air, The Son, the New Sun , ו from the Formula of the Holy Tetragramaton corresponds to the group of six sephirot: חסד, נצה, הוד, תפארת, גבורה and יסוד. If we add Binah(Saturn) we get the Seal of the Vault of the Adepti, the Seven Holy planets. If we substitute the names with geometric figures, and add the number of letters of all six sephira we get to this: 3+3+3+5+5+4+3=26=8=יהוה. But, ussualy ו is corresponding to one sephira, to תפארת, which is like spider with eight legs, set in the Centre of the Equilibrium, in the middle of the Tree of Life. If we take ו like 6, Geometric figure representing תפארת, which is the six sephira, is the pentagram, and the sum of the paths giving the name of this sephira is 1081.

The paths are: ת, ר, א, פ and ת.

By Sefer Yetzirah this paths are:

  • ת Administrative I.
  • ר Collecting I.
  • א Scintillating I.
  • פ Exciting I.
  • ת Administrative I.;

By Liber 777-Revised:

  • ת Saturn and Earth; joins יסוד and מלכות
  • ר Sun; joins הוד and יסוד;
  • א Air; joins כתר and חכמה;
  • פ Mars; joins תפארת and יסוד;
  • ת Saturn and Earth;

If we represented this sephirot by their geometric images we get this: 4+5+3+4+3+4+5+4=32=5.

The Earth, the Final ה of the Holy Tetragramaton corresponds to the last sephira, מלכות. By the number of paths that make the name of this sephira, the geometric figure that can represent מלכות is the pentagram, and the sum of the paths is 496. The paths are ת, ו, כ, ל и מ.

By Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation, Book=Wisdom) this paths are :

  • ת Administrative I;
  • ו Triumphal or Eternal One
  • כ I. of Conciliation
  • ל Faithful I.
  • מ Stable I.

By Liber 777-Revised:

  • ת Saturn and Earth; joins יסוד and מלכות;
  • ו Taurus; joins חכמה and חסד;
  • כ Jupiter; joins חסד and נצה;
  • ל Libra; joins תפארת and גבורה;
  • מ Water; joins גבורה and הוד

As before (its boring to explain the same thing over and over again), we get to this result: 4+5+4+3+3+3+5+5+5+3=40=4.


As we know, the Holy Tetragramaton is a formula of Birth and Death, Endless Circle without circumference, Path of the Snake of the Initiation. The first letter of this Name is Yod. The world of holy Atzilut. The next world is that of Briah, the fisrt Heh. After that is the World of Formation, the Vav. We can see from the text before that the sum of the numbers of the Letters of the connected emanations is the same, 32, the number of paths and sephirot on the Tree of Life. You can notice that if you look 32 in a mirror you get 23, Life, by Sepher Sephirot.

But, in the last world, the world of senses, qliphots and our own material prison, the sum is not 32 as in the higher worlds. The sum is 40=4, cursed limitation, a equilateral cross, enough different from the sum in the other worlds, just to make some small number of men and women, who walks the earth, to find that difference, and draw close this material world to the higher worlds, and with arrows of Will to pass over the Rainbow of the פרקת, where the energy is still not contaminated by the corporeal world and reason, maybe just a bit weaken.We can see that after the world of formation, where human intellect takes a big part in it, and in Assiah where the five senses take their part in the human prison, the energy from Kether, who is just a point which radiates the energy from the Three Vails of Negative (אינ) becomes intoxicated by the Human Reason, far away from the Divine Light, and endless unanswered human questions : “Why “ and ” What if”.


That’s why the Spirit must fight constantly in the material world, as Gnostics say, exercising the Spirit to be turned towards to the Higher, one to be the perfect point in the endless Universe. Energy comes to you and it must radiates from you. Tahuti must stand in His splendour at the prow, and Ra–Hoor abideth at the helm of the bark, on the path to the Most High and Most Inner Self.

We must regenerate the world, the little world, sister of Nuit.

Every day we need to perform the “Chemical Wedding” between the Man and the Universe, who really are 5=6, the Thelemic Pentagrammaton(1), extended by ל(Libra, ATU VIII), and from 26, becomes 56=11 and gives us our holy Number 11, which means so many Beautiful and Horrible things (The Wake World-A.C).
And it is the number of our lady Nuit, Lady of the Stars, for whom we burn up our odors of wood and gums, our Holy Oblation. For whom we are performing our Opus Magnum, who is always turned towards the Higher, The most Inner, to the Nothing, who is always Hadit, one who has all experiences from and in our lady Nuit.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will!

Fra. A.



With three letters:

  • כתר (Kether) -Crown (620)
  • חסד (Chesed) -Mercy(72)
  • נעה (Nechah) -Victory(148)
  • הוד (Hod) -Splendour(15)
  • דץת(Daath) -Knowledge(474)

 With four letters:

  • חכמה (Chokmah) -Wisdom(73)
  • בינה (Binah) -Understanding(66)
  • יסוד (Yesod) -Foundation(80)

With Five letters

  • גבורה (Geburah) -Strenght(216)
  • תפארת (Tiphareth) -Beauty(1081)
  • מלכות (Malkuth) -Kingdom(496)

Processing the Numbers:

  1. With three letters: 620+72+148+15+474=1329=15=6
  2. With four letters: 73+66+80=219=200+10+9=12=12=3
  3. With five letters: 216+1081+496=1793=20=2
  4. Sum of all Sephirot: 1329+219+1793=3341=11=2.

Processing the Paths:

  1. With two letters:
    הה (Heh) -Window(10)
    וו (Vav) -Nail(12)
    כפ (Kaph) -Palm(820)
    פה (Peh) -Mouth(85)
    תו(Тау) -Cross(406)
    The Sum: 10+12+820+85+406=1333=10=1
  2. With three letters:
    אלפ (Aleph) -Ox(831)
    בית(Beth) -House(403)
    גמל (Gimel) -Camel(73)
    דלת(Daleth) -Door(434)
    זינ (Zain) -Sword(717)
    חית (Cheth) -Fence(418)
    טית (Teth) -Serpent(419)
    יוד (Yod) -Hand(20)
    למד(Lamed) -Ox Goad (74)
    מימ (Mem) -Water(650)
    נונ (Nun) -Fish(756).
    סמכ (Samek) -Prop(600
    ץינ (Ain) -Eye(780)
    צדי(Tzadi) -Fish hook(104)
    קופ (Koph) -Back of Head(906)
    ריש(Resh) -Head(510)
    שינ (Shin) -Tooth(1010)
    The Sum=1010+…+831=8705=20=2
  3. The Sum of all paths is : 8705+1333=10038=12=3

The Sum of all Sephirot and paths on Tree of Life is: 10038+3341=13379=23(חיה-Chiach-Life)=5 .

1. The Angel and the Abyss: Inward Journey, Book II and III, J. Daniel Gunther
2. Liber V vel Reguli, Being the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast