Ова е текст од познатата книга на еден од најголемите мајстори од XIX век, Елифас Леви, со име „Клучот на Мистериите“. Текстот го даваме на англиски, за да не се загуби смислата во преводот и да ја загубиме онаа тајна нитка која открива многу кај човекот, за човекот.

Повелете, извадок од текстот:

“The angel of liberty was born before the dawn of the first day, before even the awakening of intelligence, and God called him the morning star. O Lucifer! Voluntarily and disdainfully thou didst detach thyself from the heaven where the sun drowned thee in his splendour, to plow with thine own rays the unworked fields of night!
Thou shinest when the sun sets, and thy sparkling gaze precedes the daybreak!
Thou fallest to rise again; thou tastest of death to understand life better!

For the ancient glories of the world, thou art the evening star; for truth renascent, the lovely star of dawn.
Liberty is not licence, for licence is tyranny.
Liberty is the guardian of duty, because it reclaims right.

Lucifer Bearer of Light by William Blake
Lucifer Bearer of Light by William Blake

Lucifer, of whom the dark ages have made the genius of evil, will be truly the angel of light when, having conquered liberty at the price of infamy, he will make use of it to submit himself to eternal order, inaugurating thus the glories of voluntary obedience.
Right is only the root of duty; one must possess in order to give.
This is how a lofty and profound poetry explains the fall of the angels.
God hath given to His spirits light and life; then He said to them: “Love!”
“What is—to love?” replied the spirits.
“To love is to give oneself to others,” replied God. ”Those who love will suffer, but they will be loved.”
“We have the right to give nothing, and we wish to suffer nothing,” said the spirits, hating love.
“Remain in your right,” answered God, ”and let us separate! I and Mine wish to suffer and even to die, to love. It is our duty!”

The fallen angel is then he who, from the beginning, refused to love; he does not love, and that is his whole torture; he does not give, and that is his poverty; he does not suffer, and that is his nothingness; he does not die, and that is his exile.
The fallen angel is not Lucifer the light-bearer; it is Satan, who calumniated love.
To be rich is to give; to give nothing is to be poor; to live is to love; to love nothing is to be dead; to be happy is to devote oneself; to exist only for oneself is to cast away oneself, and to exile oneself in hell.
Heaven is the harmony of generous thoughts; hell is the conflict of cowardly instincts.
The man of right is Cain who kills Abel from envy; the man of duty is Abel who dies for Cain for love.
And such has been the mission of Christ, the great Abel of humanity.
It is not for right that we should dare all, it is for duty.

Duty is the expansion and the enjoyment of liberty; isolated right is the father of slavery.
Duty is devotion; right is selfishness.
Duty is sacrifice; right is theft and rapine.
Duty is love, and right is hate.
Duty is infinite life; right is eternal death.

If one must fight to conquer right, it is only to acquire the power of duty: what use have we for freedom, unless to love and to devote ourselves to God?
If one must break the law, it is when law imprisons love in fear.
“He that saveth his life shall lose it,” says the holy Book; ”and he who consents to lose it will save it.”

Duty is love; perish every obstacle to love! Silence, ye oracles of hate! Destruction to the false gods of selfishness and fear! Shame to the slaves, the misers of love!

God loves prodigal children!