Liber Israfel – Musick

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

[This book was formerly called “Anubis,” and is referred to the 20th key, “The Angel.”]

Invocation of Thoth, as a prelude to preaching.
Formerly called ‘Liber Anubis’, an instruction in a suitable method of preaching.

I invoke Tahuti, the Lord of Wisdom and of Utterance, the God that cometh forth from the Veil.
O Thou! Majesty of Godhead! Wisdom-crowned Tahuti! Lord of the Gates of the Universe! Thee, Thee, I invoke.
O Thou of the Ibis Head! Thee, Thee I invoke.
Thou who wieldest the Wand of Double Power! Thee, Thee I invoke!
Thou who bearest in Thy left hand the Rose and Cross of Light and Life: Thee, Thee, I invoke.
Thou, whose head is as an emerald, and Thy nemmes as the night-sky blue! Thee, Thee I invoke.
Thou, whose skin is of flaming orange as though it burned in a furnace! Thee, Thee I invoke.

— Liber Israfel, 4-5

This song is composed by Григорий Зайцев. Excellent composer …

We do not claim that Liber Israfel, Class B – written by Allan Bennett – was inspiration for the composer, or has any connection with this book and philosophy of Thelema.

The only open connection that you can see is the title of the song with this Book.

But, you can try, my dear reader, to find secret connections between the words of Liber Israfel and the musick …
Anything is possible.




For I am Ra incarnate!
Kephra created in the Flesh!
I am the Eidolon of my father Tmu, Lord of the City of the Sun!
The God who commands is in my mouth!
The God of Wisdom is in my Heart!
My tongue is the Sanctuary of Truth!
And a God sitteth upon my lips.
My Word is accomplished every day!
And the desire of my heart realises itself, as that of Ptah when He createth!
I am Eternal; therefore all things are as my designs; therefore do all things obey my Word.

— Liber Israfel, 9-11


Love is the law, love under will