Occult and Art – Video presentation

Language of the Birds: Occult and Art considers over 60 modern and contemporary artists who have each expressed their own engagement with magical practice.

Beginning with Aleister Crowley’s trance portraiture and Austin Osman Spare’s automatic drawing of the early 20th century, the exhibition traces over 100 years of occult art, including Leonora Carrington and Kurt Seligmann’s surrealist explorations, Kenneth Anger and Ira Cohen’s ritualistic experiments in film and photography, and the mystical probings of contemporary visionaries such as Francesco Clemente, Kiki Smith, Paul Laffoley, BREYER P-ORRIDGE, and Carol Bove.

The concerns and influences of each of these artists are as eclectic as the styles in which they work. While several of the pieces deal with “high” or ceremonial magic, others draw from so-called “low magic” practices and have deeply chthonic roots. The approaches in technique are varying as well, with some doing years of research and preparation for the act of creation, and others working entirely intuitively. Regardless of method, Language of the Birds suggests that all are part of the same lineage: one that pulls on threads from the esoteric web of alchemy, Hermeticism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, divination and witchcraft.


John Brill “Plasma” 2013, Pigmented ink print on 100% cotton paper. Courtesy Kent Fine Art.


Paul Laffoley “Astrological Ouroboros” 1965 Oil, acrylic, and hand applied vinyl letters on canvas and wood. Courtesy Kent Fine Art

The presentation was held on Weds, Feb 10, 2016.

“Art Workings” Lectures and panel discussion with Professor Susan L. Aberth, Jesse Bransford, and William Breeze, moderated by exhibition curator, Pam Grossman.   7pm – Free and open to the public.



Asmodel – The Temple of the Holy Ghost

This is a poem from „Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, Vol. I“ as part from the „Temple of the Holy Ghost“ series.
To be clear on the title of this poem:
ASMODEL ( אסמודאל ) – One of the “Intelligences” of the Planet Venus

אסמודאל or Asmodel is Geomantic Intelligence of Taurus. With Taurus rules planet of Venus and Luna is exalted in this sign.

Now, hear the poem about Asmodel…

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Света Телемитска Сезона

Прави што ти е волја и тоа нека биде целиот Закон

Како што знаете, ние, Телемите, секоја година, за време на пролетната рамнодневница го прославуваме „Еквиноксот на Боговите“ во чест на големата промена на Магиската Формула која го донесе Новиот Еон.
Кроули за „Еквиноксот на Боговите“ вели:

„Еквиноксот на Боговите е израз кој што се користи за да се опише Почетокот на Нов Еон, или Нова Магиска Формула. Треба да се празнува на секоја Рамнодневница…“
– Нов Коментар на Liber AL, II:40

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Учење, The Path Within

Не мисли дека секогаш ќе бидеш среќен на овој пат.

Те грабнал лав, драги мој.
Пријателот ти фрла куп малтер на глава.
Гледај го ко да е скап парфем.

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The Letter Vav, the Beast, the Hierophant…

„What is the letter Vav?
He said: There is an upper Heh and a lower Heh.
They said to him: But what is Vav?
He said: The world was sealed with six directions.
They said: Is not Vav a single letter?
He replied: It is written(Psalm 104:2), “He wraps Himself in light as a garment, (he spreads out the heavens like a curtain].“

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