The Cloud upon the Sanctuary

Excerpt from von Eckartshausen’s „The Cloud upon the Sanctuary“, which is Christian mysticism veiled in hermetic code.

Crowley had written in his „Confessions“, year 1896/97:

„The Cloud upon the Sanctuary told me of a secret community of saints in possession of every spiritual grace, of the keys to the treasurers of nature, and of moral emancipation such that there was no intolerance of unkindness. The members of this Church lived their secret life of sanctity in the world, radiating light and love upon all that came within their scope, yet they were free from spiritual pride. They enjoyed intimate communion with the immanent divine soul of nature. Inheritors of innocence and illumination, they were not self-seekers; and their one passion was to bring mankind into the sphere of their own sublimity, dealing with each individual as his circumstances required.
To them the members of the Trinity were nearer and more real than anything else in the universe. But they were pure ideas of incorruptible integrity. The incarnation was a mystical or magical operation which took place in every man. Each was himself the Son of God who had assumed a body of flesh and blood in order to perform the work of redemption. The in-dwelling of the Holy Ghost was a sanctification resulting from the completion of the great work when the self had been crucified to itself and raised again in incorruptible immortality“

This book was the sign on the Path that would lead Crowley towards the Order of the Golden Dawn and the very first beginnings of his magickal life.

These letters are the ceremonies or the externals of religion…