Есеи – Тема Кабала

Листата подолу ги содржи сите есеи до овој момент на блогот, кои на некој начин се поврзани со Кабала, без разлика дали содржат директно објаснување на поими и учења во системот познат како Кабала или пак се на „таен“ начин поврзани со оваа Наука или повлекуваат знаење од овој систем.

Прочитајте, истражувајте, спознајте – повеќе!

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Thunderbolt, and a Pylon, and a Snake, and a Phallus..

Прави што ти е волја и тоа нека биде целиот Закон

“Then there was another passage which was really too secret for anything; all I shall tell you is, there was the most beautiful Goddess that ever was, and she was washing herself in a river of dew. If you ask what she is doing, she says: “I’m making thunderbolts.” It was only starlight, and yet one could see quite clearly, so don’t think I’m making a mistake.”

The Wake World, A. Crowley

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Occult and Art – Video presentation

Language of the Birds: Occult and Art considers over 60 modern and contemporary artists who have each expressed their own engagement with magical practice.

Beginning with Aleister Crowley’s trance portraiture and Austin Osman Spare’s automatic drawing of the early 20th century, the exhibition traces over 100 years of occult art, including Leonora Carrington and Kurt Seligmann’s surrealist explorations, Kenneth Anger and Ira Cohen’s ritualistic experiments in film and photography, and the mystical probings of contemporary visionaries such as Francesco Clemente, Kiki Smith, Paul Laffoley, BREYER P-ORRIDGE, and Carol Bove. Continue reading “Occult and Art – Video presentation”

THE SECRET – A. Crowley

This is excerpt from the last book of Aleister Crowley called


An Anthology of

O L L A = עללע = όλλα = 131 = SMAL = ΠAN
Anno Ixx in 0°  Dec. 22, 10:54 A.M.

*      *      *

Crowley’s „apologia“ for this book is given in one single paragraph, with one single strong blow:

„I have made this collection of short poems as diverse as possible; time and space have been asked their utmost range; every corner of the earth which has contributed to my delight, and every period of my life which has modulated my music, have lent a flower to this posy.

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За Луцифер, LVX и други мистерии

Ова е несреден текст напишан пред 6 години. Се зборува за Светлина, како LVX, за кабала, за Луцифер …


„Инаку за ова Светлината, според кабалата како што велиш ти… исто така учи и дека постојат 3 вида на светлина:
Ain, Ain Sof и Ain Sof Aur преку кои се создаваат 10 000 светови од Ништото, или Ain на еврејски, кои ако се извртат буквите може да биде и ANI што значи и Его.“   Continue reading “За Луцифер, LVX и други мистерии”